Breaking The Chains

"Different faces, means different arrangements"
Breaking The Chains

Until now the only digital versions of Tamarisk available were on the self produced Frozen In Time CD released in 2013.

Thanks to Cult Metal Classics & Sonic Age Records, this new release features: 

All of Tamarisk's tracks remastered from original quarter inch tapes for the very first time
Four newly recorded songs from Tamarisk's 1984 live set
A 16 page booklet telling the story of Tamarisk
The lyrics to all 11 songs

Written by Grant & Leigh & only ever heard live

The newly recorded tracks are:

Taxis For Janet

Total Coverage

Bandana In Chains

It Was Never There

The musicians used on these new recordings are:
Andy Grant  - Vocals

Steve Leigh  - Keyboards

Graham Cuttill  - Drums

Chris Davis - Bass

Luke Morley - Lead Guitar

Ed Rome  - Guitar